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Malta is recognised today as a major European port and as a result, shipping in Malta and transportation by sea has always been an important business. As an island with strategic importance in the Mediterranean and a centre-point between two continents, Malta is situated approximately 80km south of Sicily and 333km north of Libya. The proximity between Europe and North Africa means Malta has been exposed to a multitude of cultures over the years and developed strong international relations.

Today, Malta is a popular tourist destination with over 1.5 million visitors every year enjoying the sun and the sea. Malta is also a popular destination to do business with its modern infrastructure and stable economy. Malta joined the European Union in May 2004 and since then legal, economic and business structures have been overhauled to comply with EU regulations.

Attard Holdings and their subsidiary companies Passalacqua, K-Shipping and Customs Freight all work to ensure that anyone requiring any form of shipping, port support or several other services are treated in a professional and friendly atmosphere which reflects the Maltese culture. Today the company has become a household name in the freight sector offering exceptional service in local and international logistics.

The group mission statement is to lead the market in every sector, which we operate in a manner that is profitable for our customer and the group.

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