Passalacqua Spedizioni e Trasporti

Passalacqua Spedizione e Trasporti was founded in 1977 in Sicily for the transportation and shipment of goods from Milan to Sicily and grew rapidly; Passalacqua joined Attard Holdings in 2008. Today Passalacqua is made up of 10 branches and approximately 70 affiliates owing its success to an efficient network of highly motivated employees, collaborators and distributors. Passalacqua operates it’s own offices, warehouse and distribution in.

  • Ragusa
  • Messina
  • Palermo
  • Catania
  • Bari
  • Bologna
  • Roma
  • Milan
  • Torino

Our company policy is strongly based on efficiency, timeliness and quality and we achieve this through our widespread delivery network and intermodal freight transportation system. We cater to all businesses observing strict opening hours and varied working days such as restaurants, pubs and wine bars and we can deliver to cellars and various floors with the aid of a tail-lift, making the logistical process easier for our clients.

Passalacqua constantly strengthens operations by focusing on customer service and an effective IT system. Company vehicles are fully equipped with satellite alarm system to carry out deliveries; which are monitored and tracked in collaboration with the international companies Viasat and Cobra ensuring every step of the journey is carefully maintained. 

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Passalacqua Logistica

Passalacqua Logistica is a management system; which ensures the care of your goods, specializing in loading/unloading, storage, order preparation, labeling and forwarding of your shipment to your final destination. Our modern and recently extended premises have controlled temperature areas and every warehouse in our chain of branches is a distribution platform.

Clients can simply log in and access their shipment information and manage it online, we provide statistical information on your shipments based on in-depth studies; which allow our clients to analyze missed deliveries and better understand the reasons these anomalies may occur so they can be avoided in the future. Our focus on customer service makes the whole delivery system easy and efficient for our clients thanks to our innovative order process and specially equipped premises. We pride ourselves on our transparency with our clients and ensuring full clarity on the feasibility of any shipment or delivery time.


You can contact us by email, fax or online to organize a pick-up, you can also call or visit our local branch for further information. We provide an online reservation system to pre-plan your pick-ups; this can be accessed through


Our widespread distribution network and implementation of the maritime intermodal system ensures that deliveries are prompt and your goods are delivered on time both locally and internationally. Our prompt and reliable service encompasses any size of delivery from individual packages to full cargos and can be transported by smaller vehicles for small loads or heavy-duty vehicles.

If a shipment is urgent and requires a faster delivery time than normal then a special procedure is provided which transfers information between the various departments and the shipment is tracked through the entirety of its route from release to delivery.

Shipping Support

Our clients have access to all their shipping information and can check the status of their shipments by getting in touch with our personnel or by accessing it alone through our online tracking system. We focus on customer service and pride ourselves on ensuring that all our client’s requirements are met in a timely and professional manner.

We offer various forms of support to our clients:

  • Online tracking
  • Sales agent management (online tracking for sales agents)
  • Tracking on international shipments
  • Shipment statistics
  • Storage

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